Meppel (17. 6. – 10. 7. 2022)

  1. 6. 2022 – After 10 hours long journey we finally arrived with other student and members of ERASMUS + to Meppel at 18:30. We met the owners of the hotel and check in. We had a free time, so we went out for a little walk. We immediately fell in love with the Wilhleminapark which is right behind our hotel because there is a fence with all kinds of animals.
  2. 6. 2022 – We had a bike ride with Wim, he shoved us all the importnant places. At 18:00 we had a welcome diner at Herberg ´t Plein in a good company.
  3. 6. 2022 – Although it was a bit rainy day, we had a ride in Tesla to a Giethoorn. They call it the Venice of Holland because it is a city on water. We learned a lot of new informations.
  4. 6. 2022 – Was our first day in the Town hall. We met with Marlot and Najib and they showed us diferent departments and how does it work in there.
  5. 6. 2022 – We worked on our presentation about Meppel and about the things we want to learn in the Town hall. Then we spent the rest of the day by the swimming pool.
  6. 6. 2022 – We presented our presentation and we have arranged meetings with people from diferent departments. In the evening we were invited to see students from Meppel and their presentations about mental health on whitch they have been working for the last six months.
  7. 6. 2022 – We had a free time and it was the warmest day so far, so we were all day by the pool.
  8. 6. 2022 – For a change it rained all day, so we had a movie marathon. We watched all the Harry Potter movies.
  9. 6. 2022 – We went to Amsterdam. We watched the beauty of the city from a boat. Holland was introduced to us more closely through the project this is Holland, where we flew through the Netherlands and Amsterdam in a 5D cinema. We also saw the Anne Frank house the LGBTQ+ Memorial and the Dam square.
  10. 6. 2022 – We were invited to Meppels museum Art house de Secretaire, where we saw one artist when he worked on his new project.