Meppel (17. 6. – 10. 7. 2022)

(17. 6. 2022) – After 10 hours long journey we finally arrived with other student and members of ERASMUS + to Meppel at 18:30. We met the owners of the hotel and check in. We had a free time, so we went out for a little walk. We immediately fell in love with the Wilhleminapark which is right behind our hotel because there is a fence with all kinds of animals.

(18. 6. 2022) – We had a bike ride with Wim, he shoved us all the importnant places. At 18:00 we had a welcome diner at Herberg ´t Plein in a good company.

(19. 6. 2022) – Although it was a bit rainy day, we had a ride in Tesla to a Giethoorn. They call it the Venice of Holland because it is a city on water. We learned a lot of new informations.

(20. 6. 2022) – Was our first day in the Town hall. We met with Marlot and Najib and they showed us diferent departments and how does it work in there.

(21. 6. 2022) – We worked on our presentation about Meppel and about the things we want to learn in the Town hall. Then we spent the rest of the day by the swimming pool.

(22. 6. 2022) – We presented our presentation and we have arranged meetings with people from diferent departments. In the evening we were invited to see students from Meppel and their presentations about mental health on whitch they have been working for the last six months.

(23. 6. 2022) – We had a free time and it was the warmest day so far, so we were all day by the pool.

(24. 6. 2022) – For a change it rained all day, so we had a movie marathon. We watched all the Harry Potter movies.

(25. 6. 2022) – We went to Amsterdam. We watched the beauty of the city from a boat. Holland was introduced to us more closely through the project this is Holland, where we flew through the Netherlands and Amsterdam in a 5D cinema. We also saw the Anne Frank house the LGBTQ+ Memorial and the Dam square.

(26. 6. 2022) – We were invited to Meppels museum Art house de Secretaire, where we saw one artist when he worked on his new project.

(27. 6. 2022) – Was our fourth day at the townhall. We had meeting with man who works in economic department. Then we had to do an interview with employees from townhall. And then we worked on our questions for another meetings.

(28. 6. 2022) Najib took us to the Plataan house. Its a place where are concentrated a lot of organizations. For example kindergarten for children, living room for people to meet and drink a coffee together and different types of art schools. Also is there a very beautiful library.

(29. 6. 2022) We had a tour around Meppel with Margot. She showed us the harbor, another organisation called de Mensa, its almost same like the Plataan house. And the last one was home for refugees. We could saw how they take care of them and how they helping each other, like for example they repair the bicycles and more.

(30. 6. 2022) We had free time so we went to the library and we lended some books. After lucnch we went to the swimming pool and we stayed there all day.

(1. 7. 2022) After we woke up we went read our rented books. In the afternoon we went to do our assignment – interviews with citizens. So we went to the park and try to find some people for our work. We were shy at first but it was really interesting experience.

(2. 7. 2022) We went to orchestra concert in the local church. It wasn´t our favorite type of music, but it was nice to see something new and also meet another people.

(3. 7. 2022) This day we went to Amsterdam on our own. Bart helped us with the tickets and showed us some museums on the map. First we went to eat, of course, and then we went to the Nemo museum. We agreed that it similar to IQ landia in Czech Republic. Then we went to Van Gogh museum. So many beautiful paintings not only from Van Gogh, but also from the other painters.

(4. 7. 2022) We had a meeting with the teachers from the Drenthe College. They made a presentation for us and show u show the college works. It surprise us how different the school system is from us. Then we had a little tour around the school especially around the specialized classes for example the kitchen with restaurant and the classroom for teaching nurses.

(5. 7.2022) We presented another presentation. This one was full of our interviews with employees and also with the citizens. At the end of our work we had a meeting with a member of municipality police. He told us something about his everyday work, showed us some stuffs and we end our meeting by showing us the police car. In the evening we had a diner with Marlot, Najib and Bart.

(6. 7.2022) Special work day for us. We packed little paper bags for tourists. We met another person from townhall. She showed us how we need to do these bags and then we worked. It was something different from our usual work, but we were happy that we can help a lot. After work Marlot took us to play their national sport Padel. It is something like a tennis but with walls around you. Such a funny sport.

(7. 7.2022) Our last free day. We spend it with packing all our stuffs and then we just relax in the park.

(8. 7. 2022) Final day. We have been nervous all morning, but it wasn´t that bad. We showed them our final presentation and talked about the last three beautiful weeks that we spend there. Then they give us the certificates and we made some photos of course. Marlot took us to the cheese shop. There we can pick some presents for us. Really nice shop that we come there once again at in afternoon. Then we went to say goodbye to our favorite animals in the park and then they pick us with the school car and we went home to our families. This whole internship was absolutely unforgettable. Thank you