Kilkenny (4. 5. – 18. 5. 2023)

Day 1

We were thrilled to embark on our journey to Ireland. So we already arrived at the airport with high spirits, eager to explore the country, experience the work placements and meet our host families.

The flight went rather smoothly without any major problems. We had a comfortable journey both on the flight to Ireland and our later bus ride from Dublin to Kilkenny. We had a chance to plan a little together for our coming trips here in Ireland.

To our delight, Con was there to pick us up at the airport. He walked us to a bus station near the airport, where we waited for a bit for our bus to arrive, while we waited Con gave us valuable insight into Irish culture and told us some tips and tricks for our voluntary work placements. We all appreciated his enthusiasm and friendliness.

Our First experience of meeting our host families went great. They welcomed us with open arms, and we were immediately made to feel at home. We were grateful for their hospitality and could not have asked for better hosts. They showed us around their homes and made sure we were comfortable.

On our first day in Kilkenny, we decided to explore the city a bit with our host families also encouraging us to do so. We were struck by its beauty and charm even though; the weather wasn’t all that great. The medieval architecture was truly something to be admired, and we couldn’t help but wander the tiny, maze-like, alleyways here in Kilkenny.

All in all, our first day in Ireland was a great success. We were impressed by the warmth and kindness of our host families and the beauty of Kilkenny. We were grateful for the smooth flight and Con’s excellent welcome here. We couldn’t wait to see what the rest of our trip had in store for us.


Day 2

We started our first day of work on Friday and Con drove us there, offering some helpful advice on the way. The colleagues were all very kind and explained everything we needed to know. After work, we enjoyed a meal at a local Italian restaurant and took a stroll around the city.

Day 3

On our second day at work, we were starting to get used to our new jobs. Pavel and Eliška worked together at the café since the offices were closed on Saturdays. Míša worked at a clothing store, performing various tasks, while Lucka spent most of her time doing dishes at the café. After work, we all met up and went to a restaurant in the city center. It was a great opportunity to relax, enjoy some good food, and get to know each other better. We talked about our experiences so far and shared our thoughts on our new temporary jobs. Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable evening spent with new friends.

Day 4

On our fourth day in Ireland, we had a day off from work, so we decided to explore the local attractions. Our first stop was the local reptile zoo, which was a small but beautiful place. However, we found the entry fee to be quite expensive. Despite that, we enjoyed seeing all kinds of reptiles and learning more about them.

After the reptile zoo, we visited Kilkenny Castle, which was a highlight of our day. The castle was magnificent and we were impressed by its grandeur and history. We spent a lot of time exploring the castle grounds and taking pictures.

Later, we were feeling a bit hungry and decided to visit the local McDonald’s for a quick bite. However, we were surprised to learn that the menu and the prices were not the same as advertised in other countries. It was interesting to see how a global brand like McDonald’s can adapt to local tastes and preferences.

Overall, it was a great day spent exploring some of the local attractions and learning more about Irish culture and history.

Day 5

We decided to dedicate our second day off to a trip to Dublin. Thanks to Con, we had already purchased bus tickets in advance. The bus was scheduled to arrive at 9:50, but unfortunately, it was delayed by half an hour, which shortened our time in Dublin. During the two-hour journey, we took the opportunity to rest as we were still fatigued from yesterday’s excursion.

Upon our arrival in Dublin, we embarked on a search for a tourist bus that allowed us the freedom to hop on and off at various points of interest. The bus driver entertained us with fascinating facts about Dublin’s landmarks and even treated us to a song. One of our stops was at the Little Museum, where we were provided with entrance tickets.

Before immersing ourselves in the museum’s exhibits, we decided to have lunch. However, finding a traditional restaurant in Dublin proved to be quite challenging, resulting in us splitting up to satisfy our individual cravings. Once we had satisfied our appetites, we finally made our way to the museum. There, we were captivated by an exhibition on the conclusion of World War II. It was a truly remarkable experience that left us thoroughly impressed.

Adjacent to the museum was a park, which we eagerly explored while Míša and Eliška indulged in some shopping. Pavel and Lucka opted to remain in the park, taking in the tranquil surroundings. When we regrouped, we boarded the bus once again, although, in hindsight, it wasn’t the wisest decision. The bus took us farther away, and as a result, we had to endure a 40-minute walk back to the bus stop in order to return to Kilkenny. Despite this small setback, we managed to reach our destination in time.

Exhausted from the day’s adventures, we retired to our beds, mindful that another day of work awaited us on the morrow.


Day 6

Today marks the beginning of our first full work week. Mornings are more pleasant since we start work at 9 a.m., but we still felt a bit reluctant, fearing that we might become tired. Work proceeded as usual, with each of us being assigned different tasks in various locations. Eventually, we found ourselves enjoying the work and eagerly anticipated the moment when we would all reunite.

When we were released at five o’clock, we gathered near the castle and headed to a local ice cream parlor. There weren’t many other places to go after work since most shops close at five in the evening, and we didn’t have much time left. Nonetheless, we savored our time together. Later, we treated ourselves to a delightful dinner at a beautiful restaurant called La Trattoria, where we had an amazing experience. Afterward, we bid farewell as our host family drove us back home.


Day 7

The next workday unfolded much like the previous one. Some of us were dropped off at our workplaces, while Pavel had to take the bus and walk along the highway to reach his place of work. Once there, we diligently carried out the tasks assigned to us. All of us eagerly awaited the end of the day, knowing that we would soon reunite.

Today, we had planned a trip to the cinema to watch „Guardians of the Galaxy.“ However, due to human error, we only managed to see half of the film. Nevertheless, the cinema impressed us with its beautiful atmosphere and the incredibly friendly staff. They quickly rectified the situation by providing us with complimentary tickets for the following day. Despite the unexpected interruption, we made the most of our time, appreciating the pleasant atmosphere and the attentive cinema staff.

When the film concluded around 8:20, we decided to head home and prepare for Thursday.


Day 8

The eighth day mirrored the previous one, with the exception that we went to the cinema once again, this time to watch a different film, making use of the complimentary tickets we received as compensation for the previous cinema-related issues. Before heading to the cinema, we decided to order pizza to satiate our hunger.

As we eagerly awaited the screening, we relished the anticipation of the film. The cinema experience provided us with a welcome escape and an opportunity to immerse ourselves in captivating storytelling. The friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff enhanced our enjoyment of the evening.


Day 9

On the ninth day, which fell on a Friday, we once again dedicated ourselves to work. However, it was a relatively uneventful day as we were all feeling quite exhausted, whether from our work or the long hour-long walk along the roads back to our host families. The weariness had taken its toll, leaving us with little energy for anything else. Despite the lack of excitement, we persevered through the day, knowing that the weekend was fast approaching and we would soon have a chance to recharge and rejuvenate.


Day 10

On the tenth day, which was a Saturday, work resumed, but Saturdays held a slightly different routine for Eliska and Pavel as they worked together at the café. Since the offices were closed on weekends, this day proved to be quite enjoyable for them, as they didn’t have to work alone. Moreover, due to the exceptionally beautiful and warm weather, they were granted an early release from work by their supervisor, encouraging them to fully enjoy Kilkenny on such a splendid day instead of wasting time in the workplace.

Eliska and Pavel took advantage of the opportunity to explore the city and its surroundings, visiting both shops and tourist attractions, in search of the best places to show Misa and Lucka once they finished their work. At around five o’clock, they met Misa and Lucka at their respective workplaces and embarked on their adventure together. The whole group savored the charms of the city, indulging in the sights, sounds, and experiences it had to offer.


Day 11

On the eleventh day, which marked a welcome day off for all of us, we decided to have a great time by engaging in various activities. Shopping was high on our list, as we explored the local shops and boutiques, browsing through unique items and perhaps finding a few treasures to take home as souvenirs.

After satisfying our shopping cravings, we indulged in a delightful dinner at a local restaurant. We treated ourselves to delicious cuisine, savoring the flavors of the region and enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the establishment.

Throughout the day, we relished in each other’s company, sharing laughter and strengthening our bonds. It was a day of relaxation and leisure, allowing us to recharge and appreciate the beauty of Kilkenny at our own pace.

As the day drew to a close, we returned to our accommodations, reflecting on the wonderful experiences we had shared. This day of exploration, shopping, and a scrumptious dinner created lasting memories that would continue to warm our hearts long after our time in Kilkenny.


Day 12

On the twelfth day, which marked our last free day together, we decided to revisit the local pub that we had heard so much about. As we stepped into the pub, we immediately immersed ourselves in the rich history of drinks, especially Ireland’s most iconic stout, Guinness. The pub provided an immersive experience where we learned about the long-brewing tradition behind this renowned beverage.

In addition to Guinness, we also had the opportunity to try a local beer unique to Kilkenny called Kilkenny Ale. This local specialty added to our appreciation of the diverse beer culture in Ireland.

What made this day particularly special was the strong bond we had formed with each other throughout our time together. We spent the day getting to know one another even better, sharing stories, and creating unforgettable memories. The lively atmosphere of the pub, with people singing along to the band, added to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

It was a day of camaraderie, laughter, and genuine connection. As we soaked in the lively atmosphere and raised our glasses in celebration, we couldn’t help but feel that this day was truly one of the best during our time in Ireland. The pub became a place where friendships were strengthened, and our shared experiences became cherished memories that would stay with us long after we left Kilkenny.


Day 13

On the thirteenth day, one of the last two actual days in Ireland, we returned to work as usual, following our routine. After work, we once again spent our remaining time together, cherishing these precious moments.

Although the day followed the familiar pattern of work, our spirits remained high as we were aware that our time in Ireland was coming to an end. We made the most of our time together, engaging in conversations, laughter, and shared experiences.

As the day drew to a close, we reflected on the memories we had created throughout our journey in Ireland. We realized the significance of these final moments together and cherished the bonds we had formed. The camaraderie and connection we shared made these last moments even more special.

With grateful hearts, we prepared ourselves for the final day, ready to make the most of the remaining time in this beautiful country.


Day 14

On the fourteenth day, Wednesday, our last day in Kilkenny, mixed emotions filled the air. There was a sense of sadness as our internship was coming to an end, but also a feeling of joy as we looked forward to returning to the beautiful Czech Republic. The day, however, didn’t unfold without its share of challenges and a little chaos, especially concerning our departure.

In order to catch the bus to Dublin with our teacher, Mrs. Varhulíková, who had come to pick us up, we had to leave work earlier than usual. We bid farewell to our colleagues at our respective workplaces, expressing gratitude for the time we spent together.

We also said goodbye to our amazing host families, who welcomed us with open arms during our stay. Some of them even prepared farewell gifts, which touched our hearts and served as a memento of the special bonds we formed.

As we prepared to leave Kilkenny, a bittersweet feeling lingered in the air. We were grateful for the experiences we had, the friendships we made, and the lessons we learned. With a mixture of sadness and excitement, we embarked on our journey back to the Czech Republic, carrying the memories of our time in Ireland deep within our hearts.

After bidding farewell to our host families and saying our goodbyes, we headed to the airport where we faced several long hours of waiting. We arrived before 10:00 PM and waited until 6:00 AM for our flight. During this time, we were fortunate to have the company of our teacher, Mrs. Varhulíková, who made the experience more enjoyable.

Despite the fatigue and the less-than-comfortable airport environment, we tried to stay optimistic and shared memories of our time in Ireland. Mrs. Varhulíková did her best to create a pleasant atmosphere and help us pass the time until our departure.